North Sydney Council to ban kangaroo fur robes &hats if clarified motion passed

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The Sydney councillor at the centre of a potential fur and leather ban media storm has claimed it was a big misunderstanding, but she still wants kangaroo fur robes and hats barred from council events.

The motion, which was put forward by Councillor Linda Scott, was met with mixed reactions from the public.

Today, Sustainable Australia Party’s Georgia Lamb admitted that her motion was “rushed and open to interpretation”, which could have included bans on R.M. Williams boots and Akubra hats at council events and even leather balls at sports fields.

“I want to clarify that it was never my intention to impact on or take away rights to private property including common objects like chairs, shoes, bags, belts or footballs,” Lamb said in a statement.

She said she was inspired by animal welfare activists and was only meant to target “controversial items” owned by the council such as kangaroo fur robes and hats. Also she said that banning these items would avoid future criticism from a changing society.

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